Help us save people and make Ukrainian sky peaceful again

Charitable organization “Stellar Ukraine” aims to help Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities that are currently suffering from the war. We have a well-established logistics process and deliver humanitarian aid to 40,000 people every day.

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How we already helped


body armours + helmets

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500 ton

of humanitarian aid

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15 ton

of medicine

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Here’s how it looks like

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Our Strengths


Logistics center


Reliable delivery


Availability of warehouses


Cooperation with hospitals


Hubs in the Kharkiv


Needs analysis


Strong team



Make Ukrainian Stars Shine Again

Let’s save Ukraine together!

Stellar Ukraine Geography

What your donation can buy


1 Kilogram of grains


1 Tactical first aid kit


1 Helmet


1 Drone


UA 79000 Lviv, Chervonoj Kalyny ave., 58

Charitable Organization “Stellar Ukraine” was created to help and support the residents of Ukrainian cities which are suffering from the strikes of the aggressor and, as a result, are in an extremely difficult humanitarian situation. The target recipients of humanitarian aid are volunteer organizations that deliver the aid directly to the people in need as well as to humanitarian distribution points, soup kitchens, local hospitals, military units and subdivisions defending the cities of Ukraine.

We consider the project duration to be the entire period of active hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the period of restoration of a stable humanitarian situation in the cities, but not longer than till 31.12.2022.

The planned project cost is $991,000.00 USD. These funds will be used for the following purposes:

  • purchase of essential food and water, hygiene products, baby formula, medical supplies, elements of tactical medicine, pet food;

  • covering logistics costs in and outside of Ukraine to receive humanitarian goods from our partners and deliver them to target destinations;

  • covering storage facilities costs for receiving, sorting and distributing humanitarian aid.

In case of project non-implementation or expiration, the funds that were received but not distributed, as well as the balance of previously received funds will be transferred to the account of the Red Cross Committee Office in Kharkiv. By making a donation, the donor agrees to the use of these funds by the Charitable Organization “Stellar Ukraine” in order to achieve the statutory goals of the latter, namely the provision of humanitarian aid and support of the residents of Ukrainian cities that are suffering from the consequences of the aggression.